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The team

Joséphine Derobe


Joséphine Derobe explores immersive storytelling in the fields of cinema, theater and digital arts. She wrote and directed two award-winning short films. In 2018, she designed the scenography of 3 painting-based VR experiences and co-directed The Wedding at Cana VR with Carlos Franklin.
She currently writes a fiction feature film and a theater play with projection design.

Les Produits Frais


Founded in 2010, Les Produits Frais specializes in emerging filmmakers and new narratives. The company is developing a diversified portfolio including short and feature films, series and VR, including Isle of the Dead by Benjamin Nuel, winner of the Best Story in VR Award at Venice Film Festival 2018 and showcased in more than 50 international festivals since then.

Dancing Dog Productions


Founded in 2014, Dancing Dog Productions specializes in documentary linear and non-linear contents that have an impact on our society. Dancing Dog has, among other projects, worked on such topics as migration, transparency in politics, poverty in rural areas, hacking.